Texel Density is back it seems.

General / 12 February 2023

I've ended up producing a few more notes for folks on Texel Density, its benefits and how to use it. I'll drop the content here for safe keeping.

PS- MUST do some art !

I've uploaded the images again to fix one being cropped. 

More Sketches and doodles

General / 30 December 2021

It's been a joy to get back to 2d/Concept Art of late. May this trend continue with a mix of 3d :P

For now it's mainly fun fan art of Soul Reaver and Bond with some initial exploration of a new personal piece.

Getting back in the saddle ....

General / 31 October 2020

My career has been interesting the last couple of years with lots of personal development and career progression along with getting many projects in shape. That along with the kids getting older has reduced free time greatly. Recently some availability of "free time" has meant getting back into personal work. As luck would have it the week I sat down to plan some new art I was asked by a family member to produce some illustrations of footballers for him to have in his Arsenal shrine at home. I did some back in 2003. To say they need updating is an understatement. 

Below are the images, while not flawless were a good warm up getting back into the saddle of drawing / painting so definitely a worthwhile experience despite not being my usual subject matter.

Here's to more future art.

Comic pencils 4 pages

General / 15 April 2018

I've finally managed to get these pencils done, next up inks and grey tones. 

Comic work continued

General / 08 March 2018

My next round of comic art is on the go. All the prep work has been done Jan - Feb. Now it's final art before the end of the month. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this one.

More Pencil / Floor Studies

General / 15 February 2018

Almost there :)

Floor Tiles V2

General / 13 February 2018

I'm calling these done as more work needs doing. Pretty happy with the end result. Surprised how far Designer let me go detail wise. My PC was less impressed.

Substance Designer - Floor Tiles

General / 09 February 2018

Quality tests continue. Here's a Substance Designer floor tile using my kitchen floor as reference.

Still some mask / edge issues to address. It's close to being done though.

Comic Art WIPs

General / 25 January 2018

As I also like some drawing time here are some WIP sketches from comic art I'm working on.

Some material and rendering exercise

General / 25 January 2018

Currently I've a few projects on the boil. One being some rendering and material work using Substance Designer, Marmoset 3 and UE4.

Sometimes it's the simple assets that prove to be a challenge :)